Houston, TX Homeless Shelters

Houston, TX list of housing resources we have uncovered: Homeless Shelters, Supportive Housing, Halfway Housing, Transitional Housing, Day Shelters, Low Income Housing, Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers.

Shelter Listings is dedicated to serving the homeless and low-income.  We have listed out the shelters and low cost housing services we have in Houston, TX below. This list has homeless shelters, halfway houses, affordable housing, etc. The database consists of over 3,000 listings and includes emergency shelters, homeless shelters, day shelters, transitional housing, shared housing, residential drug alcohol rehabilitation programs and permanent affordable housing. 

Houston is in Harris County, TX. Search listings by Harris County.

Homeless Shelters In Houston, TX

Harmony Haven Homes

Houston, TX -
(713) 582-6500
shared and transitional housing

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Crowder’s Assisted Living

7023 Crestmont St
Houston, TX - 77033
(281) 701-0042
We house veterans, homeless and the mentally challenged.

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Ivy’s Transitional Housing For Gods People

1218 Sol street
Houston , TX - 77028
Veterans Transitional Housing homeless shelter

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Hcha- Harris County Housing Authority Houston

8933 Interchange Drive
Houston, TX - 77054
Housing Authority, Low Income Affordable Housing, Public Housing

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The Salvation Army Of Houston - Center Of Hope

1717 Congress Ave.
Houston, TX - 77002
Center for single men without kids, looking to resolve their homelessness

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Spirit Key Transitional Housing Cypress

13617 Kaltenbrun Rd
Houston, TX - 77086
(281) 971-0014
Christ centered services provide housing, job training, life skills training

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Star Of Hope Mission - Women And Family Emergency Shelter

419 Dowling
Houston, TX - 77003
Women emergency shelter, family emergency shelter, medical clinic, nursery and pre-school area.

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Madge Bush Transitional Living Center

3410 Drew Street
Houston, TX - 77004

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Aable Starting Point

1620 Austin St
Houston, TX - 77002
(713) 575-5033
rooming house, boarding house, bunk house

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Project Hope Recovery Center

7805 Kimble St
houston, TX - 77017
Sober living program.

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Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services

7622 Boggess Rd
Houston, TX - 77016
(832) 253-7405
Transitional housing for veterans.

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The Oasis Of Houston

4607 Cashel Castle Dr.
Houston, TX - 77069
affordable housing for veterans

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Next Step Center For Independent Living

1422 Grayford Court
Houston, TX - 77073
women only facility that houses homeless veterans, ex-offenders and those who may have a mental and/or physical disability.

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Bonita Street House Of Hope Houston

2605 Parker
Houston, TX - 77093
(713) 691-0900
Non Profit Organization, Transitional Housing, substance abuse treatment.

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Nehemiah's Transitional House

5782 Belarbor St.
Houston, TX - 77033
(346) 779-8333
Transitional housing. Not free. Call for rates.

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Southeast Texas Transitional Center

10950 Old Beaumont Hwy
Houston, TX - 77078
(713) 675-4426
Halfway house, Residential Reentry Center

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Bunk House Houston

1803 Everett St
Houston, TX - 77009
713 237-9988
Shelter for men.

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Insightful Transitional Living Center

5414 Longmeadow Street
Houston, TX - 77033
Transitional Housing

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Prodigal Son House

12001 Moonmist Dr.
Houston, TX - 77072
(713) 824-9591
Transitional Living house for women in the southwest Houston area.

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Turning Point Center Transitional Housing Houston

1701 Jacquelyn Drive
Houston, TX - 77055
emergency, Transitional housing, meals clothing couseling, continuing education, hands-on job training, transportation.

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Axtartan Llc - Boarding House

7627 Caddo Road
Houston, TX - 77016
(832) 322-8249
Low cost boarding house.

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Loaves & Fishes Houston Women's Shelter And Housing

2009 Congress
Houston, TX -
(713) 520-0461
women's shelter and transitional housing for women.

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Martin Luther King Jr Community Center - Transitional Housing

2720 Sampson St.
Houston, TX - 77004
Transitional housing for women and children.

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Evergreen Village - Disabled Housing

8601 Wednesbury Lane
Houston, TX - 77074
disabled housing. Independent living for the disabled, transportation services

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Sunnyside Multi-service Center

4605 Wilmington
Houston, TX - 77051
(713) 732-5030
Day Shelter, Drop In Center, Clothing, Counseling, Food,

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Tejano Center Of Community Concerns

2950 Broadway
Houston, TX - 77017
(713) 640-3710
provides HUD Approved Housing Assistance Programs, Affordable housing, Shelter and Foster care

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A Caring Safe Place

1804 Carr Street
Houston, TX - 77026
Transitional Housing, housing, resident services, permanent housing

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Us. Veterans Initiative Transitional Housing

1200 Binz Street, Suite 290
Houston, TX - 77004
(713) 797-2912
Veteran housing assistance programs, transitional, permanant housing, family services, female veterans

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Star Of Hope Mission - Doris And Carloss Morris Men's Development Center

1811 Ruiz
Houston, TX - 77002
Homeless Shelter, Transitional Housing, homeless, volunteer opportunities

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Open Door Mission - Doorway Recovery Center (for Men)

5803 Harrisburg
Houston, TX - 77011
(832) 962-4242
substance abuse recovery program, convalescen care center, educational and technology center. t

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Covenant House Texas

1111 Lovett Blvd.
Houston, TX - 77006
30 day Maximum for Emergency Shelter, 12 month max. for Transitional Homeless Youth up to age 21 with no history of fire-setting or sexual offenses

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The Mission Of Yahweh (for Women And Children)

10247 Algiers
Houston, TX - 77041
Women and Children Shelter Transitional housing, case management, spiritual counseling

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Santa Maria Hostel, Inc.

2605 Parker Road
Houston, TX - 77009
(713) 691-0900
Treatment Center, Supportive Housing, Halfway House, women with children, female veteran housing, court liaison service, recovery support service

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New Hope Housing Inc Houston

1117 Texas Ave
Houston, TX - 77002
(713) 222-0290
direct assistance with basic necessities, emergency financial aid, educational opportunities.

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Catholic Charities - Guadalupe Area Social Services

326 South Jensen Drive
Houston, TX - 77003
(866) 649-5862
Food, rental, utility and medication assistance is available to individuals and families in crisis, rental, utilities

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Lord Of The Streets Episcopal Church

3401 Fannin St
Houston, TX - 77004
(713) 526-0311
Non Profit Organization, day shelter, drop in shelter, crisis management , project acces tickets, homeless letters

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Brigid's Hope At The Beacon

1117 Texas Avene (mailing)
Houston, TX - 77002
(713) 222-9737
Non Profit Organization, transitional housing for women ex offenders, case management, life skill training and supportive services.

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New Hope Housing, Inc. - 1414 Congress

1414 Congress
Houston, TX - 77002
(713) 224-1414
Section 8 permanent housing, affordable housing for veterans, elderly, students, minor disabilites, individuals overcoming sustance abuse, working poor and formerly homeless

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Catholic Charities - Central Office

2900 Louisiana Street
Houston, TX - 77006
(713) 526-4611
provides HUD Approved Housing Assistance Programs

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Houston Area Women's Center - Shelter (for Women And Children)

1010 Waugh Drive
Houston, TX - 77019
(713) 528-6798
Domestic violence shelter. sexual assault hotline

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The Salvation Army Of Houston - Family Residence

1603 Mcgowen
Houston, TX - 77004
shelter for homeless single women and families

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The Salvation Army Of Houston - William Booth Garden Apartments

808 Frawley
Houston, TX - 77009
HUD elderly apartment.

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Cenikor Foundation, Inc. Houston

11111 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX - 7707
subtance abuse treatment, transitional housing

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Houston Area Urban League Houston

1301 Texas Ave
Houston, TX - 77002
(713) 393-8700
Agency that provides HUD Approved Housing Assistance Programs

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The Salvation Army Of Houston - Adult Rehabilitation Center (for Men)

2118 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX - 77007
Transitional Housing

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Canal Street Apartment Houston

2821 Canal Street
Houston, TX - 77003
Transitional Housing, New Hope Housing's core purpose is to provide life-stabilizing, affordable, permanent housing with support services for people who live on limited incomes.

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Crossroads At Park Place

3827 Broadway
Houston, TX - 77017
(713) 252-3604
drop in center, day shelter, Advocacy, Clothing, Counseling, Food, Information and Referral, Legal Assistance, Medical/Dental Assistance, Soup Kitchen, Transportation.

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Bee Busy - Move Center

6421 Teal Run
Houston, TX - 77036
drop-in day facility for the LGBTQ community 13-14, housing, showers, HIV testing counseling and support groups .

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Horizon Outreach

256 North Sam Houston Pkwy E. Suite 115
Houston, TX - 77060
permanent affordable housing

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The Life Center For The Homeless

4516 Old Yale St.
Houston, TX - 77018

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Shamar Hope Haven Residential Treatment Center For Boys

2911 Wheeler
Houston, TX - 77004
Shamar Hope Haven Residential Treatment Center for boys

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The Rock Transition Living Facility

5958 Southseas
Houston, TX - 77033
Transitional housing

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John S. Dunn Outreach Center - The Beacon

1212 Prairie
Houston, TX - 77002
(713) 590-3321
day shelter, clothing, food, soup kitchen and laundry services.

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The Houston Launch Page Transitional Housing

11814 Bay Cedar Drive
Houston, TX - 77048
(713)667 1031
Provides transitional housing and assistance programs for single adults.

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Houston Housing Authority Tx Houston

2640 Fountain View
Houston, TX - 77057
Housing Authority, Low Income Affordable Housing, Public Housing

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Harmony House Inc. Houston - Transitional Housing

602 Girard
Houston, TX - 77007
Transitional Housing

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Housing And Recovery Houston

2421 Truxillo
Houston, TX - 77004
Transitional Housing, Non Profit Organization

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Brigid's Hope Houston Houston

1117 Texas Avenue
Houston, TX - 77002
Transitional Housing

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New Hope Housing At Brays Crossing Houston

6311 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX - 77023
Transitional Housing

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HUD Apartments Houston, TX

Houston, TX HUD Apartments

Types of Shelters and Services we provide

We provide many categories of shelter for those in need and in need of services. They include:

Day Shelters

supplement homeless and low-income people when the shelter their staying in only offers shelter on an overnight basis. Case management is often provided and sometimes there are laundry and shower facilities.  Meals and basic hygiene may also be offered.  Almost all day shelters provide their services free of charge. Any emergency or homeless shelter that allows clients to stay during the day is also classified under this category.

Emergency Homeless Shelters

both provide short term relief for the homeless & low-income. Usually there is a maximum stay of 3 months or less. Many of these shelters ask their clients to leave during the day.  Meals and other supportive services are often offered.  3 times out of 5 these shelters offer their services free of charge.

Halfway Housing

helps transition individuals and families from shelters or homelessness to permanent housing. Length of stay is usually anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.  Residents are often required to pay at least 30% of their income toward program fees.  Sometimes the money they pay in fees is returned to them when they leave. Any emergency or homeless shelter that allows their clients to stay more then 6 months is also classified under this category.

Permanent Affordable Housing

is a long-term solution for housing. Residents are often allowed to stay as long as they remain in the low-income bracket but is sometimes limited 3 - 5 years.  Residents pay no more then 30% of their income toward rent. Emergency shelters, homeless shelters and transitional housing programs that allow their clients to stay without a maximum stay is also classified under this category.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab

programs are intended to treat alcohol and/or drug dependency.  The cost of participating in one of these programs and the method of treatment range significantly. The database operated on this website only includes residential rehab programs (not outpatient programs). We also provide Access to Recovery (ATR) Grant programs for substance abuse treatment. 

Financial Help For the Needy

If you are needy and looking for financial help, check out FinancialHelpResources.com.

Supportive Housing

Programs that provide an alternative living arrangement for individuals who, because of age, disability, substance abuse, mental illness, chronic homelessness or other circumstances, are unable to live independently without care, supervision and/or support to help them in the activities of daily living; or who need access to case management, housing support, vocational, employment and other services to transition to independent living.

Shared Housing

Programs helps bring low income persons together and helps prevent homelessness by providing affordable housing options. This service is good for families, disabled persons, and others wanted more companionship. ShelterListings.org finds these shared housing locations and lists them throughout our website.

Rooming House or Boarding House

A rooming house is a building in which renters occupy single rooms and share kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas. The location may be a converted single family home, a converted hotel, or a purpose built structure. Rooming houses may have as few as three rooms for rent, or more than a hundred. The same goes for boarding houses. We list these types of residences throughout ShelterListings.org.

Transitional housing

is affordable supportive housing designed to provide housing and appropriate support services to persons who are homeless or who are close to homelessnessness. The transition is to help them be more self sufficience to move toward independent living on their own. Services provided at transitional housing facilities varies from substance abuse treatment, to psychological assistance, job training, domestic violence assistance, etc. The assistance provided varies, but it is generally affordable and low cost housing. Read the descriptions of each of the transitional living locations for more detailed information.