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Emmaus House Newark

P. O. Box 9740
Newark, DE 19714

Class of Housing: Transitional Housing

General Information:

Homeless shelter for homeless families with children.

Emmaus House emergency shelter and transitional housing programs are the products of Homeward Bound’s commitment to fulfilling its mission.Emergency Shelter

The emergency shelter program is a fourteen (14) bed unit with the capacity to house up to four (4) families for 30 days. This program provides shelter and food for families while addressing the root cause(s) of each families housing crisis through case management services.

The rational of the emergency shelter program is if residents are given 30 days of a respite during a time of chaos and crisis they can then regroup and take the initial steps towards self-sufficiency. The structure and support this program affords each family the opportunity to evaluate their situation, develop an Individual Monthly Plan with a case manager, and take the necessary steps towards self-sufficiency.

The emergency shelter program also allows staff to assess the willingness of participants to obtain permanent housing through self-sufficiency. Participants who demonstrate a willingness and ability to become self-sufficient are encouraged to apply for the second step or transitional housing programs.Domestic Violence Support Group

Emmaus House offers a domestic violence support group. Some of the women who participate in Emmaus House homeless program have to address housing barriers associated with being subjected to domestic violence. The domestic violence support group is open to women throughout the New Castle County area at large experiencing or who have experienced domestic violence.Brown Bag Club

Emmaus House, in conjunction with the Delaware Food Bank, also provides a valuable service to low income families in New Castle County through the Brown Bag Club. The Brown Bag Club is a monthly food closet program that offsets the cost of food for 10 low-income families.

Transitional Housing Program

Homeward Bound developed an intermediate program within the transitional housing program, the Second Step Program. The Second Step Program is designed to provide residents up to an additional 60 days of case management services, shelter, and three meals a day as they take the steps required (to secure employment either full-time or part-time, establish a bank account, and begin to repair credit) to enter either the long term transitional housing program at Emmaus House or secure permanent housing.

The transitional housing program is a fourteen (14) bed unit with the capacity to house up to 5 families. This program is for residents who have secured full-time employment or part-time employment with job training. Participants are required to pay a nominal program fee, establish and maintain a savings plan and bank account, and continue to payoff any outstanding debt.

Upon leaving the transitional program participants are able to move into permanent housing with improved credit, money saved in the bank, and the skills to maintain an improved quality of life. The goal of the transitional housing program is for participants to have eight months to eliminate bad debt from their credit report, acquire money management skills, maintain employment, and get accustomed to paying for housing in the form of program fees, then they will exit Emmaus House with improved credit, money in the bank, steady employment, and prepared to maintain permanent housing in the free non-subsidized housing market.

Fees may apply for this Transitional Housing resource. Contact Emmaus House with the contact information we provided to get full details. Oftentimes you can apply for sliding scale fee payment or other options if you are low income. You will need to speak with them to see if you qualify.

Website: http://www.homewardbound.org

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Helpful Definitions For Emmaus House Newark:

Transitional housing is affordable supportive housing designed to provide housing and appropriate support services to persons who are homeless or who are close to homelessness. The transition is to help them be more self sufficient to move towards independent living on their own. Transitional housing locations are oftentimes called Halfway Houses. The naming of the two (Halfway House OR Transitional House) is oftentimes interchangeable.

Many Transitional Housing programs are subsidized and are income based. Income based transitional housing generally charges 30% of your income for rent when you do have income. Contact the transitional housing facility to see if this applies.

Services provided at transitional housing facilities varies from substance abuse treatment, to psychological assistance, job training, domestic violence assistance, etc. The assistance provided varies, but it is generally affordable and low cost housing. Read the descriptions of each of the transitional living locations for more detailed information. Transitional housing facilities also may or may not assist with alcohol and/or drug substance abuse treatment.Emergency Homeless Shelters both provide short term relief for the homeless and low income persons. Usually there is a maximum stay of 3 months or less. Many of these shelters ask their clients to leave during the day. Meals and other supportive services are often offered. 3 times out of 5 these shelters offer their services free of charge.

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